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Forgot your keys or need to fulfill an order for your business? Get food from a restaurant? We are the guys to call. Express and Same day deliveries in Lagos.

How PUSH works
  • Request a Delivery

    We pick up from your location all at the click of a button. No extra charge.

  • Track your delivery

    Know where your package is at every step of the way. Tracking is also available to the recipient.

  • Rate our Service

    Help us do better. Tell us what you'll like to see improve and we will always listen. Always.

For Businesses

From SMEs to One-Person businesses, we make it easy to manage shipping and deliveries for your entire outfit without thinking about it, literally.

Automate Your Shipping

Link your online store or internal systems with PUSH and you'll never have to think about shipping anymore.

Control Your Costs

Our pricing is very transparent and we know sending items two streets away shouldn't be expensive.

We even provide solutions specifically for businesses selling with popular stores.


Returns are a normal part of commerce and shouldn't hurt your business. Offer your customers a generous returns policy and let us automate it.

For items sent through PUSH, we offer return deliveries discounted up to 50%.

curl \
  -u ghdjdk7474ShKLsdhsdsdes: \
  -d acct_id=234856233 \
  -d "pickup=102 Saka Tinubu street, Victoria 
     Island" \
  -d "dropoff=24 Admiralty way, Lekki" \
  -d "time=02112015" \
  -d "sender=Acme Co." \ 
  -d "recipient=Emeka Musa Adekule" \ 
  -d "delivery_type=next_day" \ 
  -d "item_class=medium" \ 
  -d "mobile=2348011234578" \ 
  -d "item_one=a box of clothes" \ 
  -d "item_two=a pair of shoes"

Powered by PUSH API

Your customers still see your checkout. Integrating with our API doesn't break your existing flow. We just automate your delivery processes in a way you wouldn't even know it existed, providing better value for your customers and easing the burden on your staff.

There is absolutely no learning curve. We even provided libraries for the popular platforms.

All Features

Everything you need to manage deliveries

Save Time & Money

You should focus on what you love doing and that is your business. Leave the deliveries to us.

Real time Tracking & Insurance

Know where your item is everytime and get full insurance cover on your packages in transit.

Returns for Half Price

We know the way business works and that's why we would treat returns for half the price.

Stable Pricing

You shouldn't wake up everyday to a new cost. Our costs are totally predictable and you can even make projections.

3-hour & Same Day Delivery

We handle 3-hour, Same and Next day deliveries more efficiently than anyone else.

Data Driven Decisions

We have eliminated manual efforts and using technology to process data and provide answers of when, how and why.

Start delivering with PUSH today

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